Product Authenticity

CrossXCode has been made aware of unauthorized third parties selling CrossXCode bracelets.

We would like to remind our customers that the only way to purchase a genuine CrossXCode bracelet is through our Official Website at or our Official Shopee Account or our Official Facebook Page.

An unauthorized reseller might selling CrossXCode bracelets with manufacturing defects.

All CrossXCode bracelets come with:

  • Original magnetic box with “CrossXCode” logo
  • Laser “CrossXCode” logo engraving or Black Color Printed on the buckle

We operate social media accounts through our official handle, @CrossXCode on Instagram and Facebook. You may also contact us through Whatsapp and Wechat by +6011-3624 1485.

If you believe that you have purchased a CrossXCode bracelet from an unauthorized reseller and would like to check the authenticity of your bracelet, please contact us.

Authenticity and quality can only be guaranteed if the order is placed directly through us. Do not purchase from any reseller claiming to sell genuine CrossXCode bracelets.